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SCM Automation

Transform Your Supply Chain Digitally

With SCM Automation, you can drive growth, mitigate risk, and optimize costs with a comprehensive set of technology, tools, techniques, crafts, and systems

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SCM Automation: Build high performance supply chain

Technology, tools, experiences, methodology and service

Improved Visibility

Track different goods or products in transit with a clear view of the inventory and activity, get real-time visibility into supplier performance, and identify gaps that may cause disruptions.

Process Automation

Improve process efficiency, resource  productivity, performance, and profitability, optimize the supply chain, and redefine new business strategies by automating business processes.

Optimize Costs

Get up-to-date, holistic information about performance, status, and requirements to manage and optimize inventory levels, raw material flows, operational logistics, forecasting, and resource planning to reduce costs.

Supply Chain Planning

Plan and manage all supply chain workflows, including logistics management, inventory management, sourcing, procurement, and conversion.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics that visualize data so users can more easily learn from mistakes, make predictions, and improve decision-making.

Accelerate Innovation

Use information sharing and collaboration to reduce time-to-market, identify process bottlenecks, accelerate innovation, and increase the return on innovation.

SCM Automation – Competencies

Technology, tools, experiences, methodology and service

  • Interconnected Supply Chain
  • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Centralized Catalog Management
  • Enabling Data-Driven Business

We help you leverage disruptive digital technologies to gain end-to-end supply chain visibility and end-to-end traceability of each item through its lifecycle journey – from raw material to manufacturing to the customer to recycling, resale, or disposal. It will help you manage the synchronized movement of thousands of interrelated parts so that you can meet growing customer demand for better, more innovative products and on-time, low-cost delivery.

We will help you conduct root cause analyses of operational issues, create dashboards powered by near real-time analytics, export data to an organization’s data warehouse for analytics and reporting, feed machine learning models for predictive and prescriptive analytics, track changes in data over time for trend analysis and variance analysis, and provide a complete view of the business, tracking production operations from start to finish.

Our catalog management module will help you manage your product catalogs across your supply chain. This will digitally enable and empower customers in the buying and selling process and help you avoid any data discrepancies. You can display details such as names of products, hierarchy, descriptions, suppliers, price, and other necessary information to make it easier.

We will help you enable data-driven decision-making, automating basic day-to-day activities and regularly occurring decisions in supply chain management.

We offer data storage, organization, and optimization, analytics, machine-learning algorithms, exploratory data analysis, database management, building prediction models, and creating complete decision support systems and data-powered products.

SCM Automation Technologies

Driving competitive advantage for supply chains

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Advanced Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Immersive Technologies

Conversational Systems

SCM Automation – Solutions

Leveraging tech to supercharge supply chain performance

Smart Procurement System

Leverage advanced analytics techniques to extract new value from historical purchase data and transform negotiation tactics, vendor management, and procurement strategy.

Digitally Managed Warehouse

Digitally transform warehouse operations to keep pace with modern fulfillment needs. Get speed, automation, visibility, and transparency, to improve your warehouse capabilities. Monitor your supply chain closely and enhance the customer experience.

Digitally Connected Customers

Build a customer-driven, digitally-connected, agile, and omnichannel supply chain to create a superior customer experience for products and services and build meaningful relationships.

Retail Solutions

Manage your retail business digitally. Interconnect the ecosystem to get a clear view of your future buying, supply, and selling capabilities. Effectively monitor, manage, and optimize the flow of goods and get a clear picture of the roadmap for retail operations transformation.

Product Traceability

Follow products and goods as they move along the supply chain and extract information about the history of inputs, supplier sourcing practices, and conversion processes.

Demand Sensing

Identify when, where and how customers will buy products in what quantities, variants, and locations using your existing demand and supply data and without any additional fancy interventions.

Digital Finance

Create financial visibility across the supply chain, including payables and receivables, at your fingertips. Integrated with financial support providers, streamline your operating costs, track your expenses, stay close to your customers, and meet the growing demand for sustainability and flexibility in the new digital era.

End-to-End Customer Experience

Enable your retailers and suppliers to optimize supply chain performance through unprecedented levels of collaboration powered by big data, AI, and machine learning.

Take your business operations to the next level!

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