Inventory & Demand Visibility

Demand visibility helps you achieve more accurate forecasting, smarter resource allocation, increased efficiency, greater transparency, reduced inventory costs, and improved customer on-time delivery
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Inventory & Demand Visibility: DforD’s array of supply chain visibility solutions –

Reduce disruption mitigation time from days to hours with embedded AI capabilities that provide near real-time intelligence and actionable recommendations

  • Generate real-time visibility of products and resources across the supply chain.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and provide sustainable alternatives to all stakeholders of the supply chain.
  • Identify the dead stock at every stakeholder level in the supply chain and provide clear insights.
  • Get up-to-the-minute inventory information, so you have the flexibility to fulfill orders the way you want.
  • Access advanced analytics platform derived from the connected system having KPIs that come with planning, sourcing, make and deliver demand sensing, inventory optimization, warehouse and logistics analytics, etc.
  • Prevent unauthorized distribution, leaks and diversions with instant alerts, verification and validation of the origin.
  • Have a consolidated and pro-active control of supply chain visibility by setting automated alerts for unexpected or Undesired events.
Integrate with Mainstream Technology

Using the flexible and easy integration approach, either adapt DforD’s entire platform or enable only the data stream to your existing data pipeline.
Tracko Tricks

Inward and outward movement of goods can be easily managed through Tracko Tricks, an indigenously built QR code-based solution integrated with our data hub.
Demand v/s Stock

Get near real-time notification towards each demand so you never miss the opportunities and have the edge over the competition.

Build a Transparent and Controlled Supply Chain with DforD’s Inventory & Demand Visibility

Take your business operations to the next level with our demand visibility

About DforD

Data for Decisions Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud platform integrated with the supply chain ecosystem to provide Transparency, Efficiency, Counterfeit Detection and Reporting for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Consumers. It is simple and user friendly to adopt and use.

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