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August 24, 2022by Shashiraja
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With the increasing complexity of agriculture, no single technology can address all the challenges. But the right combination of technologies can help overcome some of the most complex challenges and contribute immensely to a successful digital transformation in the agriculture industry.

Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) have immense potential to stimulate the digital transition process. Let’s explore the role of digital in agriculture transformation.

Here are the top digital technologies that are transforming the agriculture industry:

  • Robotics: It is estimated that robotic farming will represent a global market of over $5 billion and will be doubled in the next five years. Earlier, the farmworkers picked the inputs required in agriculture, but the new generation does not aspire to pick up the inputs manually. Now, the robots are used to shift the inputs, cut up carcasses in processing plants, milk cows, and pick fruits and vegetables.
  • Blockchain: This is one of the most misunderstood technologies in the market. Even though it has excellent capabilities to create transparency, it has failed to gain consumers’ confidence. Yet, it allows the agri-input product supply chain to regain its high ground. For example, Walmart uses blockchain in its global food chain to address customers’ concerns about food safety and provenance.
  • Sensors and IoT: The produce and live animals can be easily tracked, health issues can also be tracked, and soil moisture and environment inside the farm can be evaluated with the help of technologies. It is estimated that the explosion of IoT devices in other industries will soon pale in comparison to the agricultural opportunities, and it is already an $11.4 billion market.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): AI might sound like a replacement for farming experts, agents, and consultants, but it is more likely to alter the functioning of these professions. Leveraging artificial intelligence provides more accurate and faster data to increase production efficiency.
  • Drones: The ability of drones is irreplaceable. It creates great opportunities to protect the crops while creating insights into fertilizer application, pest protection, irrigation, and harvest timing.
  • Data analytics: By 2025, the world will store over 175 zettabytes of data. Without surprise, data is the new oil to operate the business irrespective of industry. Moreover, data has become a core part of digital transformation as it helps capture, control, and process data in the agriculture business. The data analytics will unleash meaningful insights for food producers and farmers to improve future agricultural practices.
  • Cloud: As farming practices are revolutionizing, providing the required connectivity has become essential. With the real-time connection to the internet and cloud connectivity, agri-input businesses can achieve economies of scale and more flexible resources compared to server-based options.
  • Yield monitoring technologies: Earlier, the data on the number of yields and quality of crops were evaluated manually. Thanks to the digital transformation, farmers can automate the calculation of yield monitoring and get results faster.
  • Farm management platform: The digital innovation helps track and monitor the system with a digital checklist. It evaluates the agricultural inputs with the digital checklist, provides an integrated platform to access tools and information to track daily activities quickly, and achieves a better overview of the fields.
  • Smart agriculture machines: Machines like harvesters are the inputs in the agricultural supply chain. With technological advancement, most machines can be integrated with real-time data and automated systems. The remote control and sensors enable farmers to drive machines and tractors from anywhere at any time.
Key takeaway

Looking at the digital innovation trends in the agri-input product supply chain, it can be considered that all the processes will become easier and faster with digital technologies. Digital transformation supports the farmers, agricultural inputs, and supply chain in various scenarios as it helps streamline the operations and conduct inspections effortlessly. With the immense opportunities offered by digitization, now is the time to switch to a transformed food chain, sustainability, and deliver what the consumers want. Get a free consultation today if you are still wondering how to transition to digital technologies and upgrade your agri-input business.

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