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Inspire, Measure & Improve Customer Loyalty

Onboard and auto manage your customers with an end to end high-level Loyalty Program

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Reach out to your customers, engage, and re-engage them to ensure a successful partnership with an automated and hassle-free loyalty program.

Customer loyalty begins with a simple onboarding process that builds trust and communicates value with our POS (Point of Sale) hardware-independent solution that has full online capabilities.

Now you can influence your customer life cycle with real time rule-based rewards, single brand, multi-brand, multi location loyalty program creation and management, multiple redemption options and campaign performance tracking.

Communications is crucial to supply chain success. Personalized communication with customer is the future, as it unlock significant value for business. DforD’s platform will help you personalize communication with your customers by leveraging data power.

With DforD’s platform, start increasing repeat sales and customer lifetime value by building stronger relationships that tur into loyalty with multilevel loyalty options to engage customers.

DforD’s intelligent platform monitors and consolidates customer’s offline and online behavior under a single profile. This not only helps you to monitor customer behavior, analyze feedback, and personalize communication but also plan efficiently the sales, inventory, and operations

Take Your Customer Loyalty Programs to Next Level with DforD

Take your business operations to the next level!

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Data for Decisions Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud platform integrated with the supply chain ecosystem to provide Transparency, Efficiency, Counterfeit Detection and Reporting for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Consumers. It is simple and user friendly to adopt and use.

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