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Anti-Counterfeiting Solution: Fortify your supply chain against counterfeit goods and fraud with Agrica’s AI-powered supply chain solutions and create a strong network of confidence and trust.

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Anti-Counterfeiting Solution: What we stand for

Unique product authentication and anti-counterfeit solution that enables traceability for each of your products and ensures a 100% authenticity guarantee.
Consumer Empowerment

Consumers can easily report fraud like counterfeiting from their smartphones, along with all the relevant details. This deters the retailer from dealing with unscrupulous and shady suppliers.
Real Time Notifications

Protect your brand with DforD’s intelligent anti-counterfeit software algorithms and get insight of the near real-time data along with location.

DforD provides every item a unique, secure, and traceable identity applied as a QR Code. Each code is continuously monitored, and the complete product journey from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the ultimate consumer is captured. This is presented in real-time with insightful and engaging management dashboards for analysis.
Anti-counterfeit Protection

With patented anti-counterfeit technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered monitoring systems, the clones are detected and invalidated as they surface. This prevents unauthorized distribution and takes away the business incentive from counterfeiters.
Unauthorized Distribution Prevention

DforD’s intelligent systems monitor continuously. Hence, any attempt of unauthorized distribution and illegitimate diversions is immediately tracked down and brought to attention, helping you to enforce your policy and pricing structure on your distributors.
Supply Chain Automation

To enable efficient stock tracking, DforD’s supply chain automation allows a single code scanner to capture all the boxes and items inside it.

Anti-Counterfeiting Solution: Safeguard and Stabilize Your Supply Chain with DforD

Take your business operations to the next level!

About DforD

Data for Decisions Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud platform integrated with the supply chain ecosystem to provide Transparency, Efficiency, Counterfeit Detection and Reporting for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Consumers. It is simple and user friendly to adopt and use.

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