SaaS-based Platform & Products Offerings

Empower digital transformation with impactful data-driven solutions

Create a significant impact on businesses by streamlining processes, improving efficiencies, and ultimately increasing profitability & sustainability.

Data for Decisions specializes in providing advanced data-driven digital solutions to automate & help business to make informed decisions.

Data driven business decision for all

Combines cutting-edge data analytics with insightful analysis to help businesses make better decisions.

Affordability due to less/low investment

We provide cost-effective solutions based on SaaS model that help business to avoid upfront investment.

Reuse Vs.

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing digital infrastructure. We utilise the existing solution rather than replacing it with new.

Better customer insights

By analyzing customer data, we help businesses gain valuable insights into their customers’ behavior and preferences. This helps to enhance customer experience.

Take your business operations to the next level!

Transforming Business Operations with Data-Driven Insights
Interconnect, Engage, and Empower

A platform to enable business stakeholders.
Driving better business decisions

Facilitating the information exchange between stakeholders – driving action, minimizing document handling, reducing errors, and fast-tracking order fulfillment, inventory, and demands.
Providing actionable insights

Empower with the right insights for individuals across the organization and simplify your enterprise-critical information.
Digitizing the end-to-end business operations

Interconnecting all stakeholders to exchange Business critical data to make the right decision.

Helping you digitally manage your business

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A data platform built exclusively for agri-input companies to collect loads of data and turns it into actionable business insights.
  • Counterfeit solutions
  • Demand and supply solutions
  • Order management solutions: Procurement solutions
  • Asset management
  • Production Solutions/ Manufacturing Solutions
  • Logistic solutions
  • Loyalty solutions
  • Integrator
  • Enabler
  • Interconnected
  • Reusable component
  • Modular Framework
  • Template based
  • Industry Agnostic
  • ERP
  • Point of sale
  • Track and trace
  • Digital Finance
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Supply chain stakeholders
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MNC Manufacturers

Take your business operations to the next level!

About DforD

Data for Decisions Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a cloud platform integrated with the supply chain ecosystem to provide Transparency, Efficiency, Counterfeit Detection and Reporting for Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers and Consumers. It is simple and user friendly to adopt and use.

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